You Want To Smoke FUMARI in Sapporo?

Hello, Shisha Lovers!
This is Social Lounge, a shisha bar in Sapporo, Hokkaido! 
It is already September, and it is getting a bit chilly here. So, if you are thinking of visiting Sapporo soon, do not forget your warm jacket:) Those who have already landed in Sapporo with your jacket left home, no worries! We have Uniqlo in the center of the city!

This time we would like to introduce Social Lounge, and topic today is "Shisha Flavors at Social Lounge". Here we go!

Social Lounge Offers FUMARI

Your Mom Smokes FUMARI Is The Best Slogan

No explanation needed to shisha lovers, we know. However, please let us write on it a little bit. FUMARI is from San Diego, California, the United State. FUMARI is the most successful shisha brand of the world now, and you can tell why if you smoke once. The taste is just amazing. Smoke is smooth. The best part is that they create a variety of unique flavors, such as White(Red) Gummi Bear, Tangelo and blueberry muffin. When you smoke FUMARI for the first time, you probably would be like "WHAT THE FXXK!" 

Looking for Sapporo Shisha Bar offering FUMARI?

When shisha lovers travel, one of their big worries is 
"Is there a shisha place here?". 
you may be google-ing hard now to find a shisha place in Sapporo.
As a shisha lover like you, all staff working at Social Lounge 100% understand your feeling. And, at this moment, Social Lounge is the only place where offers a variety of flavors from FUMARI! ( We currently have 17th FUMARI Flavors)
So, you want to try FUMARI in Sapporo, come to us! 

Shisha&SoftDrink ¥1500
Shisha&AlcholiocDrink ¥1700
No Charge, ALL Drink ¥500
We Also Have Japanese Whiskey 

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Sapporo Shisha Bar inside HOSTEL!

Price for Shisha(Hookah) in Sapporo

Smoke Shisha in Sapporo? Here Is Why Social Lounge is The Best!